First of all, i love KPOP so most of my posts and reblogs are about them especially BIGBANG and 2ne1 (certified a V.I.P and blackjack) ! I'm also a daragon and topbom shipper <3

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I know I haven’t been updating for quite a while now but that’s because I’ve been so busy with my summer class! (Grr, I seriously need to improve my Tagalog skills. T^T) Summer class has been stealing my free time and it’s really tiring me out.

But good news!

I finally have my own laptop! *throws confetti*

That means quicker updates! But I won’t be updating today though. ;) Most of my files are still in my mom’s laptop and I have to sort it out. Maybe, by tomorrow, I’ll be updating Stuck With You. Triple updates tomorrow! ^o^

Thank you so much for your patience!

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